Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow and Ice

Snow and ice. Ice and snow. Boy, has it been some weekend! I found myself last week muttering under my breath, "Just make it to Friday!" That was when the Young Mom's Conference at our church was supposed to begin. Yes "was supposed to." Then it began to snow on Friday and Friday night's meeting was cancelled. And then we woke at 6am on Saturday to find the world iced over and the power off. Beautiful, and not at all what I had planned for my weekend!
So instead of a morning listening to uplifting, encouraging and God-centered speaking and then grocery shopping, I had a day at home with my cold kids with no power and no food. Whew!
I spent some time lying in bed while everyone was still quiet praying (while my hubby and I were trying to pretend it was still night so that maybe some of the kids would go back to sleep despite their noisemakers not being on). My heart would begin to list the negatives: Lord! No power, no heat! No hot water! (When was the last time I had a shower?!) No food! And then His Spirit would whisper wordless comfort and I would know that there was much for which to be thankful. That was basically how the whole day went. Complaining then being thankful, then repeat. And I was able to get to the grocery store, and it was beautiful, and we had dinner with friends, and when we got back the power was on. Praises to our God!
And what did I learn? Well, the Songs for Saplings song "Sanctification is for making me holy..." kept running through my head the whole weekend. And maybe I'm not far enough away from the weekend to be able to say, "Wow! I'm so glad!" But I am glad in a quiet and tired way that my Holy Father isn't finished with me yet. And I am humbled. I thought the weekend was about me getting some much needed rest, but no, it was about Him getting the glory for everything. And He does!
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  1. it was a weekend to remember, that's for sure! =D

  2. that picture is gorgeous. It's funny - I love pictures of snow, and if I have no where to go ,I love looking out my windows and watching it snow, but if it interferes w/ my schedule at all - I can't stand it - haha!!! I'm about sick of it now and am looking forwrad to spring. but your photo reminded me that I do enjoy it (just at the begining of the winter more than now)