Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Home Schooling

I've been meaning to blog about our homeschooling schedule for a while. I'm homeschooling our oldest with 1st grade work. The boy joins in occasionally and does a lot of puzzles/marker board work/worksheets on his own.
I wasn't sure how scheduled we be as a new homeschooling family, but this is what we've worked out:
Every day the oldest does MATH FACTS (kind of like Saxon math) counting by numbers 1 through 10, 100's to 1000, 1000's to 10,000 and backwards from 20 to 1. Then she says her addition facts up to 10 + 10. We're working on adding subtraction problems as well.
Then the oldest does some kind of MATH WORK. Either worksheets or a game, etc.
We have a list of SPELLING WORDS that she writes 2 times each day and does some worksheets with. I've just come up with these by looking at her other work. This week we're starting animals (farm animals). Next week we'll add jungle animals.
Last week's spelling was fruit words so we pulled Galatians 5:22 for our HANDWRITING. We try to make the handwriting either be a verse that goes with what we're doing for the week, or a verse from what our pastors will preach about on Sunday. At the end of the week she presents her handwriting verse somehow. As you see above, last week we decorated a frame with fruit.
For HISTORY we've been creating a giant timeline using the one from the front of an old Life Application Bible of mine. We've drawn pictures, looked up events on the internet, and talked about the events. She usually gets to tell either her daddy or some other family member about what she's learning. The neat thing about the timeline in that Bible is that above the timeline are Biblical events and below are world history events. We're seeing how they both line up. For instance did you know that Nebuchadnezzar and Aesop are from about the same time? I sure didn't before we started working on the timeline. Hopefully we will create a resource that we will use with different history curricula in the future. I'm also hoping that whenever any of us read any historical fiction, we'll be able to plug it into the timeline. Oh, and we've covered from creation to about 450BC so far. : )
We have a SCIENCE curriculum, but we have been taking a break from it for a while. We're picking up science here and there. This week we're reading about farm animals using this site. Today we read a little about cows and watched some great videos about making cheese and butter.
Other than that, the oldest and I are reading Little House on the Prairie together, she's reading A LOT on her own (fiction), the oldest two go to a great choir program at our church, and they participate in PE (usually) once a week at the Y.
I'd love to know what other home schoolers out there are doing, if you have the time to drop a comment!
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