Friday, February 19, 2010

Free is Better than Cheap

Lately I've been signing up for every free thing that I see offered on the internet. A few months ago I would've sighed and said, "I really don't have time for that," but I guess after a few sign-ups I realized it was easy, and after a few free things in the mail, I was hooked.
Above you can see some of the items I've received. Clockwise they are a uniball pen, a rouge magazine with coupons, a slimfast breakfast bar, free bag of Stacy's pita chips, a free Always and Tampax sampler with coupons, a sample of Gold Bond's moisturizing hand sanitizer, a $25 Kroger card, Golden Double Stuff Oreos, a free stainless steel water bottle, free panties, a free sippy cup, and a free stainless steel water bottle. And these are just the ones I've managed to take pictures of before they were ravenously consumed. I know for sure that there were several granola bars that were eaten before they could be photographed. : )
So how do I find these freebies? I follow a few bloggers who search for these things regularly. The Frugal Find, That Went Well, Frugal Plus, Free Sample Freak, and Work at Home Mafia are at least a good start. When they post that there is a freebie somewhere, I go sign up. And it's as simple as that.
Oh, and there is one more that I'm a little more skeptical of, but I've tried it, and it worked, so I'll share it here. Silver Jewelry Club has 6 items at a time that are free. These items change out every 15 minutes. Since you only have to pay shipping, I figured it was worth the $7 to see if it worked. I ordered a ring, and I love it! So, I've ordered a few more things for gifts. I really don't understand how they can offer a $50 piece of jewelry for free, but they are, so I've taken advantage of it!
Let me know if you've found any great freebies out there too!
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