Friday, January 8, 2010

A Snowy Day

Earlier this week, I started hearing rumors that snow was coming on Thursday. That was both a "Yeah!" and an "Uh oh." Thursday was the first day back to the pre-school program for my youngest two. I had been looking to that day as a catch-up day for the oldest's home school assignments, house work, etc. But with a look at the radar, I could tell that the snow would come and that the schools would close. My usual response would be to fight with bitterness about having snow on THAT day, but I decided (okay, it wasn't me at all, the Holy Spirit did it!) that we would turn Thursday into an extraordinary, magnificent snow day!
So we read "The Snowy Day" by Ezra Jack Keats and did some of the crafts that were suggested in the enrichment sheet that came free with that book from The Ferst Foundation (see Free Books). I usually just throw that little enrichment sheet away, but it really does have some good ideas, and yesterday was a great day for using them.
I changed the snowman idea slightly to make them a little bigger, and added some math into
the fun as well. To make our snowmen, I used graduated bowls to trace circles onto white paper. I then gave the kids the papers, the scissors, and a ruler. They cut out their circles and measured their diameter (across the middle) and then measured the circumference (around the outside) by laying a piece of string around the circle and then measuring it.
After measuring the circles, I let the kids glue them onto two pieces of construction paper glued together. Then they decorated. The boy even thought to draw in arms and buttons. The mom
had to overachieve a bit and add some 3-dimensional fun to hers.
Later the boy said, "Next time we make snowmen, I want a scarf and hat for mine too!"
After the snowmen, the actual snow began falling so we all suited up and headed out to enjoy. This was my first time to ever be able to see the actual flakes! They were big enough to catch on our gloves and look at the designs.
On coming in from the cold weather we enjoyed hot chocolate and home made muffins and the oldest wrote a journal about our snowy day adventures.
Yeah for snow! And yeah for having fun with the kids!

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