Friday, January 29, 2010

Scripture CDs

A while back I did a little write-up on Seeds for Saplings. We are still rocking away in our minivan to these Scripture verses! A friend recently told me about another set of worship cds called Seeds. They too have set Scripture to music to make it easier for our little ones to remember.
The innovative thing about this music is that when you buy a cd, you actually get two! Two cases, two cds, two everything! Wonderful! The cds are packaged in double cases that can be torn apart so that you can give one to a friend. As they say on their site, We've taken inspiration from God's perfect plan for seeds dispersal and designed packaging intended to facilitate the spreading of Seeds." Awesome! What a great idea! Head on over to their website to listen to whole songs now!
They also have great resources on their site. Things like a verse memorization checklist and downloadable PDF verse memory cards give visual aid to go along with their songs. There's a list of "things kids can do to make a difference" here. (One of those things is cook dinner for your parents once a month. I'm all for that one!) And there are some great ideas for family worship here.
So, order a cd and get one to give away to a friend! Or just use the great resources offered for FREE on their website; either way, Seeds Family Worship is definitely a frugal find!


  1. Scripture set to music is a fantastic idea. I know my own kids memorize song lyrics rather quickly!

  2. Hi Olivia!
    Thanks so much for your mention of Seeds Family Worship!! We love to find out people are spreading Seeds! Email me at and I'll let you know all the latest and greatest from Seeds!

    Keep planting!

    Seeds Family Worship