Tuesday, January 19, 2010

On Being Ruth

Our pastors are doing a short sermon series on the book of Ruth.
For such a short book, it is so packed with lessons, romance, and story.
It certainly gives me a great desire to read the unabridged story of Ruth!
Because of the series, I've been thinking a lot of Ruth lately,
and of how I would like emulate her as well as Hannah.
I think the predominate characteristic of
Ruth throughout the book is her
quiet faithfulness.
Whether it is following her mother-in-law to a foreign land or
hauling 40 pounds of grain around,
she is quietly fulfilling her next duty.
And what is her duty? To look for the redeemer.
In her case it is a kinsman-redeemer who will become
her husband and provide a grandfather for an unlikely king.
It is not such a leap to apply this to ourselves as homemakers.
Quiet faithfulness is not something I can boast of for sure!
But it is supposed to mark us as Christian women.
And what is our purpose, our duty, as we sweep and teach and cook?
To look for the Redeemer, of course.
The Redeemer who IS the unlikely King.


  1. I do adore Ruth, not so much because I relate but because I WANT to relate! Good post.

  2. Love your thoughts! I'll definitely be thinking of them as I go to my next duty - cleaning up the kitchen. =D Our redeemer truly *is* in every aspect of life! Thanks for the reminder.