Monday, January 11, 2010

Nursing Basket

A good friend of mine recently had her second girl. Not far into managing two, she realized that the time spent nursing the new baby was going to be a problem for her 2 year old. Her 2 yo usually chose that time to be very needy. Fortunately, she didn't despair. She and another friend put their heads together and came up with a WONDERFUL idea! And (insert big smile) she said I could share it with you on the blog.
My friend created a nursing basket for her 2 yo that can only be played with during the time that my friend is nursing her youngest. She chose things from the dollar store--some of which her 2 yo can do by herself (coloring, stickers, etc) and some of which require one hand and some attention from mommy (flashcards, etc.)
I love this idea for two reasons: one, it shows us moms that we often get irritated and deal with an effect without ever dealing with the cause. My friend could've just fussed with/disciplined her 2 yo during every nursing time and gotten really frustrated. (Hey, wait a minute; isn't that what I did when I was new to two?) But she didn't. She looked at the cause (her 2 yo didn't know what she was supposed to do while her mommy was nursing her little sis) and fixed that. Yeah, friend! And two, this spurs on so many other good ideas. Where else could a basket like this be used? Maybe beside a training potty? Or in the car? Or outside mommy's bathroom so that she might be able to take a shower once in a while?
Thanks for the great idea!

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  1. I wish I had this basket last year! My boys are 18 months apart and my oldest often wanted my attention while nursing. I will definitely use this idea for my next baby! Thanks for sharing (and visiting my blog earlier):)