Friday, January 22, 2010

My Leap Into the Coupon World

So yes, I'm jumping in. We'll see how it works out. I have beside me right now a stack of about $50 worth of coupons--some of them for completely free products. Most of the $1 off or $2 off coupons came from websites and all they cost me was the paper on which they're printed. I'm looking forward to February's first shopping trip, though the checkout may be quite interesting. If I do decide that coupons are the way to go, the few checkers at my local Walmart will probably go and hide every time they see me coming!
So here's where I went: site has 148 different coupons right now. They (of course) change daily/weekly. You register, check the coupons you want, and print. coupons are only for Target stores, but they are great! I'm thinking that I'll even be able to double up some of the coupons I got other places (Right now Juicy Juice has a few coupons and Target also has Juicy Juice coupons. I'm thinking that by using both the brand and store coupons, I can get $2 off 2 64 oz. Juicy Juices and $2 off 33.8 oz Brain Development Juicy Juice) site has fewer coupons than, but I did notice a few that were different.
Redplum--This site has some duplicates with other sites, but they always have a few "Redplum exclusives." You can register to receive e-mail updates, but you can also print the coupons without registering.
A lot of the other sites for coupons are EXACTLY like these. For instance, as far as I can tell They just have a different header at the top.
Another idea is to go directly to the product's website (places like Pop Tarts Sprinklings have freebies and coupons after you register).
My idea is that I will check the brand name product minus the coupon next to the store brand price and see if it is cheaper. I buy a lot of store brands right now, and I would hate to spend more with coupons! It's too much work (searching and printing) to lose money!
A good blog to follow for the latest deals, coupons, and freebies is Short On Cents.
Oh, and another great one if you do a big grocery shopping trip: The Great Milk Give. You can register and enter to win a year's worth of milk. Then you can print a milk coupon. I have gotten two coupons: 1 free half-gallon of chocolate milk (with purchase of 2 regular gallons of milk) and 1 free gallon of regular milk (with $100 grocery purchase). The latter is the one they're giving away right now. You can enter the contest and print a coupon daily.
Happy couponing!
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  1. Congrats on jumping on the coupon bandwagon! There are many sites on line that will help you. is a great one.
    You don't want to use the coupons on non-sale items, unless it's something you really, really need. The trick is to combine the coupon with a sale and start building up a stockpile. The real secret to saving is to buy things at their absolute cheapest--not when you need them! For example, say your family loves JIF peanut butter. You have 3/4 of a jar, so you don't think you need more. Well, if JIF goes on sale and you have a coupon, you want to buy it anyway and put it in your pantry/cabinet. When the other jar runs out, you'll reach for the one that cost you a dollar instead of paying full price!
    Good luck to you. Your in for an adventure and you're going to love it!

  2. is a great site for what each grocery store has on sale and how to use your coupons with sales. At publix, they have a lot of buy 1 get 1 free items, used with a coupon, badabing, almost free.

  3. Welcome aboard! Congratulations on joining the coupon world! You will be surprised at how much you will be able to save when you start using coupons and watching the sales ads. It can get overwhelming so take it slow and good luck!

  4. Thanks for the mention and if you EVER need any help don't hesitate to contact me or any of the other fellow bloggers. I assure you if you stick with it you will see that you'll still be able to get your brand name items for FREE or near pennies. WELCOME ABOARD and stick with it. It gets easier the longer you've been couponing.

  5. Hi, a great website to check out is They take the grocery ads and match them up with the coupons out there and will make your money stretch even farther!