Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Medicine Cabinet

When I teach young moms about what to have in their medicine cabinet, I give them a long list of things the professionals call "musts." But really, when I think on it, the list of what our family uses very regularly is small.
To add to the SAHM Survival Pack, I would list
1. Band aids: the ultimate cure-all for any kid; try it! My kids would love a band aid when their head hurts, they have a tummy ache, you name it! Because of their extreme love for them, the rule in our house is that you have to be dripping before Momma will get you a band aid!
2. Antacid tablets: This a great go-to when my kids complain of tummy aches. It's hard to tell with kids whether they just need to use the bathroom or if they're having one of those funny transitional-worry type tummy aches that kids have. Kids like for moms to have an answer, though, and when it's a tummy ache, an antacid usually can't hurt. We also gave these to my oldest at the pediatrician's suggestion when we took her off milk products for a while (for extra calcium).
3. Thermometer: I think it's pretty obvious when my kids do have a fever, but if you call it in, the professionals love to know exact numbers. And it is good to keep up with actual numbers if their fever persists over any amount of time.
4. Pain Reliever/Fever Reducer: This is a great go-to as well. It works for fevers, bumps on the head, and general achy-ness, and it is especially good for that not-feeling-well child at bedtime.
5. Some kind of multi-sympton allergy/cough medicine: for all those common colds
7. Some kind of topical analgesic: Neosporin works great, but at our house we use Resinol.
8. And that big jar of Tylenol? That's for me. : )
As you can tell, I like to buy generic, and my kids are often well. I'd love to hear from some of you who have more experience (ahem to my nurse friends!) with these kind of things. What is in your absolutely-necessary medicine cabinet?
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  1. my must have is a heating pad!!

  2. Benadryl. Vicks rub (put it on coughing kids' feet at night, covered with socks, and it seems to make a difference), and we keep some phenergan suppositories in the fridge, as well as zofran disintegrating tablets in the medicine cabinet. Hate throw up. (Doesn't everyone?) We probably have way more than the normal household, but I'm trying to think of the necessary ones, (necessary is a relative term to an anesthesiologist). Har.