Thursday, January 7, 2010


I was told yesterday by a friend that I need to write more on this blog. I took that advice with great joy because I've been afraid that is exactly what I should not do: would anyone read what I write here without lots of pics and gimmicks? Then I saw a fellow mommy blogger ranting about how bloggers don't talk enough about themselves on their blogs (Trisha at MomDot) and I thought, hey, there's something I can write a whole lot about!
So for those of you who know me well this will be nothing new. But for those of you who follow this blog, consider this an introduction to the heart and mind and soul behind Of Such is the Kingdom.
I am a follower, a striver, and a builder for the Kingdom. I love the fact that there is more to life than what we can see and I believe fully that I have a huge part in the King's work.
I am a philosopher, a poet, a dreamer, and a fanatic about my husband.
I struggle daily with my love of "just" being a mommy and the feeling that I should be doing more. I love my children and I consider myself to be like a loving mommy bird: "Go, fly on your own!"
I am arrogant to a fault, and though I know this is a fault, I think I would rather be arrogant than falsely humble.
I love, love, love to read. There are few things better than diving into the world of Austin or Montgomery or Nesbit or Lewis or Tolkien or Hugo or Hawthorne or Barry or Poe or Mitchell...
I love beauty and music and color and art and warmth. (As I write I'm nearly sitting IN our fireplace as a fire merrily crackles and I have a perfect view through a picture window of the flakes falling outside.)
I would rather talk one-on-one. Social skills were not a huge part of my childhood and I am still learning those social graces that require one not to speak their mind at all times.
Though I'm not a huge fan of being one-of-a-crowd, I'm perfectly comfortable being a crowd-leader--a hostess, a teacher, a choir member, etc.
I have lots of big dreams, and you can ask anybody who knows me, the more far-fetched the better! I want to take our family out west and up east and overseas and on a cruise. I want to write a book and add an extra wing onto our house and adopt two children. (The list goes on...)
China is a magical word to me. It brings back three trips there and the beauty and fear and yawning need of a nation and culture that has 6000 years of recorded history behind it.
I am an enemy of time. One of the most beautiful and fascinating things about heaven to me is that there won't be any there. Hallelujah!
I could continue like this for many hours but, like most of you, there is laundry to be folded, snacks and dinner to be made, and a whole house and household to be tended.
Thanks for reading to the end (whew! you made it!) and happy day to you!
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  1. You're IN the fire? Hmm. Must be awfully chilly in your house.
    Don't forget hopeless romantic, runner/pilates/ballet extrodinaire, and skinniest person on the face of the EARTH. Dang.
    Also, I like the social graces part, only because I want you to set up your VOICEMAIL! Like, today.
    Love you.

  2. LOL! You are like a mix of high energy, yet serene! It's good to see the person behind the blog! Love that pic!

  3. erin described you well! :) is there really no time in heaven? what about the 1/2 hr of silence in revelation? ;) i like to hear you describe yourself . . . there are a lot of good things to say about a woman who knows herself well! ~A

  4. What a beautiful introduction! I need to really do this - I did a simple one - this is me - this is my family - but this is so much better!

  5. I'm new to your blog. I so enjoyed reading about you and reading past posts about being cured of cheating, being glad to be home after a long trip...It will be marvelous to finally return HOME to HIM who loves us best!...not that I'm in any hurry! I will be back to your blog often!
    Hope you can stop by for a visit on my blog!
    Thanks, Becky Jane
    Raising kids can be a lot like weeding the rose bed...well worth it, but...OUCH!

  6. Nice to meet you! I love your picture of "the kiss" and the kids oblivious in front of you - a wonderful picture!!!

  7. Nice to meet you. Always a treat to meet other arrogant-and-proud-of-it moms. :)

  8. Hello and love the ocean shot. BTW "just being a Mommy" is the best job!

  9. What a great introduction! I feel like I know you! I wanted to respond here because I wasn't sure if you'd see the reply on my site. I'd love to know if you do a Meaningful Monday! There can't be enough Meaningful things! Also, feel free to use the Child Care tips post in your class. Parent's need to stick together!
    Did you see this part of my blog? It's kind of a self commitment to do 1 act of kindness per week.
    Thanks for stopping by VivoBello!

  10. Hi! I love your "about" page :) Nice to meet you!

  11. You are precious. I'm so glad you stopped by earlier. Now I get to know you a little better too! I am following you now too! A note on the sangria- you should definitely try it! I think next time I'll only put in a few of the fruit peels though- it got a little crowded in the pitcher. :) Hope you have a great rest of your week!

  12. it was lovely to read your blog , i am a dreamer and a planner too ! But sometimes feel overwelmed with not getting anywhere on my list

  13. Love your bio! Looking forward to reading more of your blog.