Thursday, December 10, 2009

Handprint Wreaths

There's something about a child's handprint that is dear to every mother's heart (maybe even those we clean off windows and walls!). Perhaps it's the fact that children's hands grow and change so quickly! These wreaths memorialize your child's handprint from the current Christmas. This would work with as many or as few hands as you would like to use. For ours, I used all three children's hands on each wreath. Each child's hands are in a different color.

For this project you'll need: white paper, finger paint in Christmas colors, green card stock, hole punch, ribbon, and a jingle bell (opt.)

Have each child put their handprints on the white paper in roughly a circle. I did my oldest two children's handprints first then filled in with the baby's hands.

Clean up the children and let them go play.

Cut around the handprints on both the outside and inside of the white circle.

Tape or glue the white circle onto the green card stock and cut around the outside of the circle on the green card stock.

Punch two holes at the top of the wreath, thread ribbon through, and tie into a bow. Include a jingle bell if desired.

And there you have it! Last year we made ten of these at one time (LOTS of messy hands!) and then took them around to our neighbors and friends a week before Christmas with batches of whole wheat pancake mix. The kids loved "handing" off their wreaths to their buddies. They were so proud! Merry Christmas!

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  1. i love these wreths. Thanks for stopping by and linking up.

  2. Each child's hands in a different color. Such a great idea. Maybe we'll make these for the grandparents!