Friday, November 27, 2009

What My Kids Are Getting For Christmas

In honor of all of you who are out there shopping today, I'm posting what I'm going to buy for my kids while I'm sitting right here on my couch. (hear a contented sigh here) I've never been a big shopper, and the ease of shopping online has me hooked! I won't publish what the adult members of my family are getting (they might see!) but the kids will never know if I let you in on their secrets. Here are the basics:
The oldest is getting her own set up for making herself beautiful. It's time! She's ready for her own hair dryer, lighted mirror, and junior makeup set. (She's going to LOVE it!) I'll probably go here for the mirror, here for the makeup and maybe here for the hair dryer.
The boy is going to be in hog heaven with this marshmallow shooter from Hearth Song. Yes, it really shoots miniature marshmallows! The video of a mom shooting marshmallows at her kids' mouth on this page is priceless! It will be fun to pack this present in a huge box with four or five big bags of mini marshmallows. I'm sure we'll all have fun with that at Christmas, though I may be finding moldy marshmallows all over the house for a while. The boy will also be getting 4 very boyish costumes that I bought after Halloween. He can be a Ninja Turtle, G.I. Joe, a fireman, or a Transformer.
The youngest girly will be getting a Noah's Ark block game that I bought a month ago on sale at Hearth Song (yes, I love their toys!) and a Tinker Bell costume, also bought on sale a month ago. She'll probably get a few more odds and ends as well. I think she's going to be happy just playing with the boxes and paper!
Happy shopping, everyone!

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