Saturday, November 21, 2009

Veggie Tales Family Fun Night

This past "Family Fun Night" featured the Veggie Tales! (I just couldn't stomach anything like fish sticks again!) We had LOTS of vegetables decorated with eyes and mouths including broccoli with pea eyes and ranch dressing mouth, cauliflower with olive eyes and ketchup mouth, carrots and celery with ranch dressing eyes and mouths, and a slice of zucchini with cheese eyes and mouth. We also had peas, corn, and sweet potato!
Not having meat was quite an
adventure for my manly husband, but
he made it through! I was stuffed after all those vegetables. For dessert we ate the
"Bad Apple" (cooked apple sprinkled liberally with sugar and cinnamon). Then we all watched Larry Boy and the Bad Apple. Simple but very fun!

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