Thursday, October 22, 2009

Puzzle Boy

I don't know if any of you can identify, but I have a (4-year old) puzzle boy. I think he could work puzzles all day long! He loves blocks and cars and trains, but the puzzle is his passion. While we were homeschooling one morning last week, I gave him this as his project: take
blocks out of his block box and put them on the same color paper. I thought he would put a few blocks out then tire and move on to something else. The next time I noticed him, I saw THIS! He had emptied the entire box of blocks (quite a few because of a very generous Grandma!) and not only placed them on the papers, but build towers out of each set. Amazing! I definitely recommend this project for those of you with like-minded children!
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  1. When my 6 yo was younger she would do puzzles over and over. My 3 yo doesn't seem to care about them. But my oldest would have been all over this task!!