Monday, October 5, 2009

Ode to a Gallon-sized Baggie

Thou bag of clarity and humbleness,

Holding more than I can ever ask of you!

Always striving to give more than your best

May my words give a little of what is due--

Lowly servant, blessed household necessity!

You hold them and ask nothing in return--

Leftovers, freezer meals, or play dough

And clothes unwrinkled for travel efficiency

You’re there whether I want to bag a diaper or

Mix dry ingredients without a bowl!

Yes bag of a thousand uses, you

Should be lauded by housewives everywhere;

Holding our snacks for a day at the zoo

You have always been there

(When we might have missed our picture!)

To waterproof our camera on a wet amusement ride

To bring out creativity, to protect us with ease.

And lest we think all your uses numbered,

We hear our offspring cry,

“May I have a baggie, please?”

(You can look here for more ideas!)

Linked to: Friend Making Monday (Poetry is a hobby I would love to be able to do better and more; this was a bit of an exercise for it!) and Making Your Home Sing Monday (Odes were meant to be sung, of course!)


  1. hee hee

    love love love that header pic check out those huge and beautiful eyes!!!!!

    The Buzz, Brandy

  2. I love you header picture, she is adorable!

    Oh yes, love my freezer bags. Like you said, so many uses for them above and beyond food. We used them to store puzzle pieces (I made a puzzle book and tossed the cardboard boxes (all except the lid which I cut out and stuck in a notebook).

    You can use them for toys, hair things, clothes (if child is old enough to dress themselves buy not old enough to pick out coordinating clothes) and all sorts of stuff!

    Love my plastic bags! Thank you for joining up today!

  3. LOVE it! I love my freezer bags, too...and what a great invention the even bigger, oversize they have now are too!

  4. I love that poem! All of it so so true and very cool of you to lay it out like that. Too fun.

  5. Maybe you could start a poetry blog? That's a fun poem. Something so simple yet so poetic. =)

  6. [Taking a silly bow for the poem] Thank you all! I love the puzzle idea up there. I don't have very many puzzles in our house because I just cannot keep up with pieces!