Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall Books

Because I love fall, I love fall books too! Here are three that are definitely worth checking out!
Robbins is the illustrator of Autumn Leaves and the simple words and
beautiful pictures are very inspiring. This is a great book to read before and after a nature hike. How many of these leaves could you find?
Why Do Leaves Change Color pulls science and fall together. This is written for 5-9 year olds, but is a great introduction to photosynthesis for the younger ones too. There are also a few fall crafts/experiments to make learning truly fun.
The last book is, I think, the most creative. Look What I Did with a Leaf sparks everyones imaginations and gives you a really good reason to back outside and collect a few more leaves. We haven't done this art project yet, but it's definitely on our "to do" list!
Happy reading and Happy Fall!

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  1. I used and have all of these from my homeschooling days; the bottom one is amazing. I actually have the artwork we did on our first Family Camp weekend camping trip from this book... the kids' work and both my mother's and David's mother's! I treasure the memory and the art. Oh, but our favorite, favorite is one we STILL read called TOO MANY PUMPKINS. It's right up there with James Whitcomb Riley's WHEN THE FROST IS ON THE PUNKIN