Saturday, October 10, 2009


I really like beans! Not necessarily to eat, though I can make a mean bean soup. This week we had a lot of rain (A LOT). And one of those days when everyone was ready for something new to do, I broke out the beans. I'm sure we've all done this, I just tend to forget how very worth it this game is. Empty a bag of beans into a large bowl, provide a few smaller containers and a good size spoon, and let your little one have at it. This evening we were both wearing our aprons for added fun. My baby enjoyed herself for quite a while, and what did it cost me? A cheap bag of beans and one sweeping of the kitchen. Well, well worth the time of whine-free play!
Oh, and while I was starting this blog, my hubby said, "What was that thing you said you could do with the beans?" No, he didn't want a bowl and a spoon! He wanted a home-made heating pad, which I was able to quickly make. Like I said, I love beans!

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