Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Making Butter

My oldest and I have invited a few of her friends to participate in a little home school class focusing on Little House in the Big Woods. She is enjoying the social time, and I am enjoying the "class" feel of having a group to teach. Our first project for the book was making butter. I had no idea how EASY it is to make! The recipe I used instructed us to pour a little bit of heavy cream into a small jar and shake. That's it, just shake! After about 10 minutes of vigorous shaking, the cream turns to whipped cream. After 10 more minutes, you begin to hear the butter knocking about in your jar! The butter separates from the butter milk; you can drain of the butter milk, rinse the butter, and immediately try some on a warm roll. Wow! The kids were very impressed, and so was I!
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