Sunday, August 9, 2009


I believe that prayer is every parent's first and most powerful parenting tool. Too strong a statement? I really don't think so. If we believe that we are saved not of works (Eph. 2:8-9), how can we believe that we can ultimately save our children through our works? We can and we must, endeavor to be good parents. We can and we must apply the Word to our parenting through the power of the Holy Spirit. But we shouldn't cry out that we are failures each time our child sins. We should think carefully about our parenting methods, but we should also realize that the true Parenting is from God.
All that said, I will say again: I believe that prayer is every parent's first and most powerful parenting tool. This is true with infants. Prayer is definitely what got me through leaving my oldest alone in her room for an entire night for the first time! (Dear Lord, You know I'm tired. I can't stay awake all night. But praises to You, Lord! You never sleep. Keep watch over my little one all night long. Amen) Prayer is my only defense against losing my temper when my children prove how exceptional they are at whining and fighting (usually in some terribly public place!). And though I haven't experienced it yet, what defense is there but prayer against the worry of letting your little one (even if they are 16) drive off alone?
I do believe that prayer is a most powerful tool, yet I often forget to pray for my children. It is an exercise that must be very deliberate. Lord, hold our children in Your mighty hand. Guide them in the paths that You choose. And please, Lord, let us as parents, remember to pray for our little ones.

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  1. Awesome post. I completely agree that prayer is the most powerful tool!