Monday, August 17, 2009


This morning there was nothing really on our schedule, but thankfully there was something in our mailbox. Our High Five had come. High Five is the under five version of Highlights, also a great magazine for kids. What makes High Five so fun is that they include a game or craft with each issue. Usually it is something my oldest can cut out on her own; then we can all play. Last month it was a domino type game with groups of cars on each side of the domino. My son got to those first and after he cut them out, he made the groups of paper cars children for his Matchbox cars! This week it was a card game that my oldest cut out for us and we all played. (The 1 yo just watched.) It was definitely a welcome diversion and a good way to get Momma to sit down and focus on her kids for a few minutes. (High Five is an on-going gift from Grandma: Thanks, Grandma!)
Another magazine that I'm thinking we need is one of the children versions of World Magazine. They are, as a group, called God's World News, and you can choose the magazine that is on the right level for your child. The link
has a sample of each level of magazine. Since my oldest will be homeschooling this year, I think the "Taking Off" version might be perfect for us!

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