Saturday, August 29, 2009

Exercise the Alphabet

While looking for good homeschool ideas, I came across these exercise alphabet cards on another blog (The Activity Mom). She linked to these cards which are completely free to print. They are awesome! I printed them on cardstock and we've already played with them as a family. We shuffled the cards, drew a letter and did that activity (individually). Then one of the kids had to place the card on the floor so that we would end up with the whole alphabet in order. There were no winners and very little competition, but my kids loved it! (They especially loved to watch Momma and Daddy do the little exercises.) My next idea for them is to create a spinner for added elements maybe (do the exercise) slow, fast, twice, or free skip. Comment if you come up with new and improved ways to use these cards.

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  1. Just wanted to say, cool. And I'm clicking. Clickin' clickin' clickin.' But I'm not a chicken. Ha.