Sunday, August 9, 2009

Computer Games for Kids

Another free product that my kids and I enjoy are the online games available through different websites. I would definitely not recommend lots of computer time per day or unattended play, but for limited amounts of time, these are some great games for you to play with your kids.
I would love for those of you who read this to comment with suggestions of your own.
PBS Kids has a good index of games that are related to their shows. Our favorites are the games on the Super Why website. My 3-year old can play the "Build Your Own Super Hero" game where he has to find the letter that makes a certain sound in order to build a word and earn a prop for his super hero.
Another GREAT site is Many kids can use this site to not only learn letter sounds, but put those sounds together and begin to read! There are also portions of this site with easy-to-read stories for the young reader.
I am also really excited to have found Sheppard Software.
This site has it all! They have a map game where children are given a small portion of the US to click and drag states onto, much like a map puzzle. They also have math games, science games, and preschool games.
So if your day tends to get a little long around the edges,
consider adding one of these computer games to your schedule. You will preserve your sanity, help your children learn, and hopefully enjoy yourself too!

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