Thursday, August 20, 2009

5 Things I Love Under $5

This blog is for those other thrifty souls out there who love deals and enjoy hearing about other people's finds. And yes, everything in this blog really was $5 or under.
I'll start with my favorite of these five, and the cheapest too, coming in a 2 for $2.75. This reusable shopping bag from SAM'S is the best! It is huge, can handle up to 40 pounds and cuts my shopping trip from about 20 bags down to two. This bag doesn't stop at shopping; oh no! I have used it to hold ballet supplies, books, camping gear, laundry, and all the junk that ends up in our van. The bag pictured is one of the ones I've been using for several months and it has no rips, and no tears--it's still going strong!
I have to put these 'flops in because they've been the best, and at $5, they were a steal! I picked
them out earlier this summer thinking that they were on sale for $15, and low and behold, at the checkout they were only $5. They've been very faithful, and I am very picky about my shoes. I definitely give them an A+.
These are the much-advertised $5 shirts from Old Navy, and since I bought them on the tax-free weekend, they actually were $5 a piece. I'm hoping that these quarter length/long-sleeved tees stretch my kids' summer wardrobes well into the fall, and maybe into our mild-mannered southern winter as well.
Next comes the best kid's meal treat EVER! These books on CD came
with kids' meals at Wendy's this summer and last summer. My kids
are just old enough to enjoy The Magic Tree House books, and as an added bonus, these are read by the author, Mary Pope
Osbourne. She, of course, does all the voices. Very cool.
And last but not least, I love these candleholders from CB2. They are hand-blown glass and range from just $2.95 to $4.95! They are my favorite thing to give as a gift (simple as a single holder with candle, also great in multiples), and as soon as I feel like my house isn't a crash zone, I would like to buy a few more of them to put in the middle of my dining room table! (Oh, and these taper candles are also a good deal at $1.95 a piece.)
So, there you have it. Another Things I Love Thursday--this time, the thrifty way.


  1. I am loving those candle holders. I used to live down the street from a CB2 in Chicago but they don't have them here :(

  2. AHHHHHH, those candle holders are incredible! I'm headed to CB2 RIGHT NOW! Thanks for the tip.

  3. As a recipient of those candle sticks, I must say, they are quite beautiful. =) I've seen those Sam's bags, they are massive!