Friday, July 31, 2009

Of Such is the Kingdom

I have always been an incurable romantic, and when Jesus claimed my heart, he claimed that part too. My romantic side has led me to long for the adventure of being a Christian (you know, "far off places, daring sword fights, and a prince in disguise"). During college that longing led me to Italy and China and would have led me there for longer if God hadn't brought the right man along to ask that right question. Then God used that romantic side to long for the adventure of a life-long romance.
The biggest challenge to my romantic side has been the advent of children! After our second was born, I chafed quite a bit in the fact that I was so "tied down" and couldn't be useful to the kingdom. I guess I knew intellectually that my children were my kingdom work, but my romantic side just didn't feel that. So in the last few years, God has used His many resources to begin to teach me what an adventure being a home maker truly is.
There is not as much glory, not as much recognition, and not as much time to think in this adventure. There is a lot of sacrifice and quite a bit of beautiful reward. This truly is the kingdom "not of this world." The world often says that a career is so much more important than a family--and don't get me wrong, a career is an important thing! I just want to live out the fact that this daily grind is the dangerous, adventurous kingdom work God has given me.
This blog is dedicated to little ideas that help us, as parents, "rejoice always" in this adventure.


  1. WOW! Beautiful! I wish I had found you last year. But....I'm new to this so I wasn't around in bloggy town back then. :)

  2. Oh Goody! Another romantic at heart! Do you like Jane Austen by chance? :)