Friday, July 31, 2009


My first products blog has to be on spirulina. I get teased by some friends by how much I talk about it, but it is wonderful! When I was pregnant with my second (4 years ago), I was tired (and grumpy) all the time. After he was born, I still had no energy. I read an article about spirulina and decided to give it a try. About 3 months later, I realized that without even noticing it, I was now able to stay up until the late, late hour of 10pm! I could even take a walk in the evening, and I could make it through making dinner with a smile on my face. I didn't convince my husband that he should try it until earlier this year when I figured out that the only times in the last 3 years that I had been sick were when I had gone a few days without taking spirulina. Very simply, it is an algae; it's kind of like eating a lot of spinach. You can look it up at I buy mine from a place called It comes in small green pills that you swallow whole, 6 a day. I take them in the morning with my one-a-day vitamin. If you are tired and constantly battling sickness, check this out!

Ham and Cheese Shapes

We were out of bread today, but still had some ham and cheese. The solution? Ham and cheese biscuits! And why not make them into shapes while we're at it? Hearts for the big girl, a dog bone for the boy, and tiny stars for the little girl. Everyone enjoyed helping to make them and everyone really enjoyed eating them.
Biscuit: Mix 1 1/2 cups flour, 1/2 cup whole wheat flour, 1 T baking powder, and 1/3 cup dry milk powder. Cut in 1/2 cup softened margarine with a fork or your hands. The texture should be like large crumbs. Pour in 3/4 cup water and mix gently. Pat out on a floured surface (1/4 inch thick) and cut into shapes. Layer biscuit, ham and cheese (also cut out with cookie cutter), and another biscuit. Bake at 475 degrees for 8 to 10 minutes.

Pillow Case Dresses

My mom has recently discovered a gift for making pillow case dresses. After she made all her grand-daughters seven or eight a piece, she just couldn't stop! She has made dresses in a small (I'm guessing 9-18 mos.) medium (18 mos. to 2/3 yrs.) and large (4 to 6 years). She's looking to sell these as play dresses or night gowns for $8 to $12 a piece. If anyone is interested in buying one of these dresses, leave a comment; she's going to leave them with me for a few weeks. Thanks!

Paper Table Cloth

We were blessed enough to come upon a $5 roll of paper at a School Box sale, and this is one of our favorite ways to use it. I cover the table, carefully taping most of the edges--it takes two strips of the paper to cover the table. Then I put out the markers and the crayons, and say, "Have at it!" Sometimes I may draw a large Lightening McQueen or a princess or two to color as well. Coloring book pictures are pretty easy to copy. We keep our covering on for a few days, so we get to eat on our beautiful creations.

Crocodile Hotdogs

I would love to take the credit for this one, but it came from a magazine somewhere in my past. I just remembered the picture and decided to give it a try on one of our "at home days." Surprisingly, my kids ate it and enjoyed it!
To make: Boil or broil hotdogs then cut a slit about an inch into one end while the hotdog is still hot. Boil Ramen noodles following the directions on the package but also add 3 drops of green food coloring and 3 drops of blue. Place the croc-hotdog on a scoop of drained noodles and dot with mustard/ketchup eyes. Add a veggie on the side if it won't scare your kids off. I thought broccoli went right along with the swampy feel.

Little House in the Basement

While we're on the subject of houses, check out this house that was my mom's brain child! She is very creative. This was the box from a Power Wheels F-150. The roof came from another box that she opened up and cut with scallops on the front and back. Mom spray painted it white and then allowed the kids (and me) to help paint it. The doors and windows are just cut out (with a box cutter) so that they open. The kids love it!

Paper House

Fun With Paper! This project was mostly the idea of my daughter. She loves to cut and tape, and she of course loves dolls, houses, and furnishings.
We used scrap booking paper that was already cut in perfect squares to create the house. Then we fit another square into the house perpendicularly and taped it to the walls on the top and bottom. I cut out the people and the clothes, and Naomi taped and decorated them.

We also made furniture (just by folding and taping paper). After we were all finished, Lightning McQueen and My Little Pony came over for dinner. Lots of fun!

Of Such is the Kingdom

I have always been an incurable romantic, and when Jesus claimed my heart, he claimed that part too. My romantic side has led me to long for the adventure of being a Christian (you know, "far off places, daring sword fights, and a prince in disguise"). During college that longing led me to Italy and China and would have led me there for longer if God hadn't brought the right man along to ask that right question. Then God used that romantic side to long for the adventure of a life-long romance.
The biggest challenge to my romantic side has been the advent of children! After our second was born, I chafed quite a bit in the fact that I was so "tied down" and couldn't be useful to the kingdom. I guess I knew intellectually that my children were my kingdom work, but my romantic side just didn't feel that. So in the last few years, God has used His many resources to begin to teach me what an adventure being a home maker truly is.
There is not as much glory, not as much recognition, and not as much time to think in this adventure. There is a lot of sacrifice and quite a bit of beautiful reward. This truly is the kingdom "not of this world." The world often says that a career is so much more important than a family--and don't get me wrong, a career is an important thing! I just want to live out the fact that this daily grind is the dangerous, adventurous kingdom work God has given me.
This blog is dedicated to little ideas that help us, as parents, "rejoice always" in this adventure.